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Our global recruitment consultants will help you attract the right talent, wherever your business may be.

Once your business expands internationally, you’ll likely need new employees to drive its success further. We can help you on your global recruitment journey, ensuring you hire the right talent for your organization from across the globe.

As a trusted global recruitment consultant, IRIS HR Consulting works with businesses to ensure you get this right first time. We help you attract the right talent and work with you from the first hire onwards ensuring you remain compliant and meet all of the legal requirements globally.


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We are experts in helping businesses go global. This means we have the cultural knowledge and expertise needed for a successful expansion. Trust our global recruitment consultants to help you see beyond barriers and make the most from new opportunities in exciting markets and territories.

Raj Inda

Raj has worked in international HR for over 14 years across various industries. He has extensive experience in employee relations and is an expert in change management projects. - Read full bio

Global Recruitment Service Breakdown

Recruiting in new markets and territories is not without key compliance challenges. Our global recruitment consultants will work with you to see beyond any barriers and help you effectively find and secure the right talent.

Our services include:

1. Attracting overseas talent

Attracting talent in a country you may know little about can be daunting. You will need to find the right people to enable your business to grow. It’s important that the talent you onboard are specialists in their field. Get it right and there are plenty of rewards to reap, but get it wrong, and it could be disastrous and costly.

Everything from job descriptions to employment benefits will need to be competitive and align with local laws. An attractive employment program can help to source the right talent for your organization.

3. Legal considerations with global hire

You may not know every legal obligation in the country you are expanding to, but IRIS HR Consulting is here for you to cover every aspect of global employment law.

  • We help you understand:
  • Salary expectations
  • Typical recruitment methods
  • Notice periods,
  • The employment environment in each country.

2. First hire

Offering the first role can be exciting and propel your business on its international success. Once they’ve been secured, IRIS HR Consulting is here to provide support throughout the employment lifecycle, which includes:

  • Carrying out background checks
  • Salary checks
  • Country specific benefit checks and advice
  • Writing employment contract drafts,
  • Providing guidance regarding employee handbooks.

Our Customers

Louise is very helpful. We have no experience of Benefits plans in the US so it’s really good to have someone helping us navigate what is quite a slow and painful process of getting benefits in place for our new US Office in NYC.
Back in 2017 when I joined ChargePoint and was introduced to IRIS HR Consulting (formerly MCN), little did I know how instrumental the team would be in helping me to create success. As a start-up in Europe we had to scale up quickly in several countries. IRIS HR Consulting’s, Global Head of HR Consulting, Raj Inda and his team helped me to scale up to over 85 people in Europe, helping me to project manage the transition from contracted labour to direct employment, and ensuring we could do go-live simultaneously in The Netherlands, Germany, the UK and later France. Even with several legal topics, the HRC team under the leadership of Raj were more than supportive to steer us in the right direction. Anil Kishoendajal Sr. Director People Operations EMEA & ASIA ChargePoint
We have the most amazing client support through Sue Sigrist. Sue is the most knowledgeable and efficient Benefits Adviser I have ever had the opportunity to work with and we are very lucky to be able to partner with her.
Nickie Torbet is by far one of the best benefits consultants I worked with.
Nickie Torbet is amazing! She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure our employees are taken care of, plans are in place, and all of the moving parts are aligned.
I feel that everyone I interact with is amazing, very professional, always willing to do what is ever needed.

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