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Your business must understand the intricacies of employment law in your new territory, and your cultural knowledge of the targeted location must be up to scratch. IRIS HR Consulting is ready to help you meet the challenges expatriation creates.

The case may be that when your company expands globally, key employees will need to relocate to another country. As their employer, it falls to you to be able to comprehensively answer their questions and guarantee a smooth transition for not only them but their family too. IRIS HR Consulting will ensure this for your company.

We are experts in helping businesses go global. We have the cultural knowledge & expertise needed for a successful expansion. 

Our Global Mobility Consultants

Our expertise means we can advise on visas and work permits whilst managing the application processes from start to finish, prepare relevant contractual or policy documentation and manage global mobility and relocation services. This invaluable support allows you to focus on the commercial benefits of your expansion. Our global employee relations experts are on hand in every continent, and our global mobility consultants can be on the ground with your relocated employees, offering personal support when dealing with the issues that commonly arise when starting a new life abroad.

Successful international expansion tests even the strongest of business relationships. Global mobility will have a profound effect on employees’ personal lives, and failure to support expatriated team members can reduce employee commitment and motivation, in turn threatening your global expansion.

Our Global Mobility Services

Our team has been supporting global business expansions overseas for nearly 200 years and we have a network of trusted in-country HR partners. Our global mobility expertise allows us to anticipate the problems you and your employees are likely to face when entering new countries of work, enabling you to tailor your international relocation strategy for success.

We’ve designed our outsourced HR solution to be fully flexible, supporting all elements of your international mobility operation.

  • We’ll guide you through the complexities of the immigration process, completing visa and work permit applications on your behalf
  • We’ll assist you in designing International Assignment Polices
  • We’ll help your expatriate employees find housing, schooling and healthcare in their new country

Global mobility solutions to support your business through its global expansion

International relocation

Expatriate management is about moving your business’ most precious resource – your colleagues.

For any business expanding globally the expatriation process is complex and inconsistent, changing according to the country of relocation. You’ll need to offer relocated team members practical and personal support, making things as smooth as possible.

Employee expatriation means more than a working holiday and carries with it much more baggage. While the chance to engage with new cultures and markets can be an important step forward for your business, the costs and complexities of international relocation can be vast. Our international relocation services are focused on making expatriation easy.

Through a combination of expert preparation and responsive trouble-shooting, we work on behalf of parent businesses to mitigate the risks associated with posting staff overseas. Ensuring the relocation of employees is as fluid as possible is mission critical for any international business. Failure to do so could damage relations between your parent firm and your relocated team member, putting your global venture into jeopardy.

Thirty years of international relocation experience means we know which issues to prepare for, wherever your employees are headed. Our outsourced HR function can handle tax management, expatriate finance, compensation and benefits, and accommodation, schooling, international medical care and even pet services – we take care of everything!

Repatriation Services

Your employee’s international assignment has run its course and your colleague is returning back to their home country. For you, the complexities that come with global mobility and expatriation are over. You can look forward to welcoming your team member back to your office, ready to learn from their newfound knowledge of overseas business.

As an HR manager, it’s crucial you provide the same support for employees returning from their international experience. Failure to do so could cause a breakdown in the relationship between you and your valued employees – especially if they feel you supported them inadequately during their time overseas. We provide a full repatriation program for businesses working anywhere in the world.

Immigration Services

The legal implications of going global are huge for both employer and employee. Understanding the facts about immigration, handling your employer’s obligations overseas, and meeting visa requirements is central to making an international assignment work. Not doing so could mean expensive and time-consuming legal issues later on, or even your business being blacklisted by foreign governments in the future.

Working with one of our immigration consultants allows your business to fully outsource its global immigration management and so avoid these issues. We deal with the complexities of corporate immigration law while you focus on offering support to your expatriate employees – the real key to business success abroad.

IRIS HR Consulting understands the time and risks involved in sending team members on international assignment. That means we can counter problems before they even occur, leaving your business totally prepared. Our corporate immigration services include visa services, immigration support, and work permit applications.

International expansion strategy

Instinct says that planning where to employ staff overseas should follow your business’ market expansion. Yet the reality is rarely so simple. When planning your employment global expansion strategy, a multitude of factors need to be considered. Combined, these can be much more complex than deciding whether your product or service will sell in a country.

As a business leader, you need to understand the costs, risks and likely return on investment of becoming an overseas employer. A successful international expansion strategy is formed by asking the right questions in the right order; something best done with the help of an expert.

IRIS HR Consulting is that expert. Our consultants combined have almost 200 years’ experience crafting international expansion strategies for US businesses. Through our network of in-country consultants, we are uniquely placed to offer expert insights into regional employment laws and practices across the globe, helping you minimize your international expansion risks by making informed decisions at every step.

Our Customers

Nickie Torbet is by far one of the best benefits consultants I worked with.
I feel that everyone I interact with is amazing, very professional, always willing to do what is ever needed.
Louise is very helpful. We have no experience of Benefits plans in the US so it’s really good to have someone helping us navigate what is quite a slow and painful process of getting benefits in place for our new US Office in NYC.
We have the most amazing client support through Sue Sigrist. Sue is the most knowledgeable and efficient Benefits Adviser I have ever had the opportunity to work with and we are very lucky to be able to partner with her.
Nickie Torbet is amazing! She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure our employees are taken care of, plans are in place, and all of the moving parts are aligned.
Back in 2017 when I joined ChargePoint and was introduced to IRIS HR Consulting (formerly MCN), little did I know how instrumental the team would be in helping me to create success. As a start-up in Europe we had to scale up quickly in several countries. IRIS HR Consulting’s, Global Head of HR Consulting, Raj Inda and his team helped me to scale up to over 85 people in Europe, helping me to project manage the transition from contracted labour to direct employment, and ensuring we could do go-live simultaneously in The Netherlands, Germany, the UK and later France. Even with several legal topics, the HRC team under the leadership of Raj were more than supportive to steer us in the right direction. Anil Kishoendajal Sr. Director People Operations EMEA & ASIA ChargePoint

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