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IRIS HR Consulting helps organizations harmonize and drive their people priorities during transactions such as global mergers and acquisitions, carve-outs, divestitures, spin-offs, and IPOs. IRIS HR Consulting will make the transaction seamless by advising on or indeed carrying out all the necessary HR processes.

These services are offered on an ongoing, ad hoc basis to the corporate HR/ management team until the global HR infrastructure is ready to transition. We’re experts in crafting international expansion strategies for businesses.


Change can be stressful, but we can help ensure your organization has a seamless transaction

Ying Zhao

Ying has over 15 years’ HR experience and covers a wide range of HR services. She has extensive knowledge of employment law in EMEA, Asia Pacific and the Americas and enjoys developing pragmatic solutions. - Read full bio

M&A Support Services

Pre-transaction international HR due diligence

IRIS HR Consulting helps organizations proactively respond to the HR challenges associated with pre-transaction due diligence. Before a global merger or acquisition takes place, due diligence must be exercised to ensure that you understand your target company’s current HR status and to be aware of any and all risks and impacts to you and the deal.

Mitigating risk is critical to the success of any transaction whether that be financial or operational, and IRIS HR Consulting will support you throughout. If possible, consulting with us before you make any firm decisions is preferable as we can help you in assessing your options and deciding which country(ies) is best for your company based on a number of factors.

Staff transfer

Moving your staff brings its own set of challenges. Our expert advice will guide you through the process. We can assist you in reviewing employment contracts, past or pending employment litigation, benefits, compensation, change in control provisions, entity and employment structure, policies, union or collective bargaining agreements, and organizational structure.

During the merger or acquisition, IRIS HR Consulting takes the helm of your company’s HR processes to ensure a smooth, legal, and timely process. An employee communications strategy will be tailored to your business to be used throughout, to ensure that the entire workforce is engaged during the transaction, minimizing attrition of key performers.

Reduction in Force (RIF)

Reduction in Force is a potential consideration when dealing with M&A, and IRIS HR Consulting will advise, develop and execute strategic planning surrounding this. Economic and political uncertainty around the world may lead to companies looking for ways to strengthen their stability and remain flexible. Restructurings and layoffs may be needed to aid this and reduce costs.

These challenging workforce changes can be difficult to consider, but we can guide you through the process. There are numerous considerations around employment law and when this is on a global scale involving multiple jurisdictions, the complexities will only increase. We’re uniquely placed to offer expert insights into regional employment laws and practices across the globe, helping you minimize your international expansion risks by making informed decisions at every step.

Post-transaction integration

After your transaction, IRIS HR Consulting will continue supporting you in achieving a successful integration. We will help you with harmonization of terms and conditions of employment including identifying differences in terms of employment and we will carry out legally compliant procedures to amend, as appropriate.

We will also assume the role of your internal global HR function on an interim basis, until your own HR structure is established. During this time, we will be the first point of contact for your employees and management. This ensures a seamless transition to new HR operations, enabling an uninterrupted user experience for everyone involved. We will also support with ongoing strategic advice on new organizational structure.

Our Customers

I feel that everyone I interact with is amazing, very professional, always willing to do what is ever needed.
We have the most amazing client support through Sue Sigrist. Sue is the most knowledgeable and efficient Benefits Adviser I have ever had the opportunity to work with and we are very lucky to be able to partner with her.
Nickie Torbet is amazing! She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure our employees are taken care of, plans are in place, and all of the moving parts are aligned.
Back in 2017 when I joined ChargePoint and was introduced to IRIS HR Consulting (formerly MCN), little did I know how instrumental the team would be in helping me to create success. As a start-up in Europe we had to scale up quickly in several countries. IRIS HR Consulting’s, Global Head of HR Consulting, Raj Inda and his team helped me to scale up to over 85 people in Europe, helping me to project manage the transition from contracted labour to direct employment, and ensuring we could do go-live simultaneously in The Netherlands, Germany, the UK and later France. Even with several legal topics, the HRC team under the leadership of Raj were more than supportive to steer us in the right direction. Anil Kishoendajal Sr. Director People Operations EMEA & ASIA ChargePoint
Louise is very helpful. We have no experience of Benefits plans in the US so it’s really good to have someone helping us navigate what is quite a slow and painful process of getting benefits in place for our new US Office in NYC.
Nickie Torbet is by far one of the best benefits consultants I worked with.

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