Cloud-based HR goes everywhere. 

Is it possible to release your workplace from the burden of unnecessary administration? Better yet, is there a way for your employees to use their time and talent to energize and push your business forward?

A partnership with IRIS HR Professional can get you there.

We can give you a secure, accurate and consistent way to manage your international HR, with all your data and documents stored in one place.

  • Remove the frustration of manual jobs
  • Reduce the risk of human error
  • Bolster your team’s productivity
  • Stay in control, wherever you are
  • Safely secure employee data

Why IRIS HR Professional?

Eliminate HR admin and save time. Automation and self-service both play a role in reducing the number of incoming requests, so you can focus on the business.

Care for, train and support the development of all your employees to ensure that they can excel in their role, which makes them more productive and engaged, ultimately benefiting the business.

Manage contracts
Monitor absences
Reward Statments

Store, maintain and update employee records easily and securely within the cloud, ensuring compliance with GDPR and other workplace rules and regulations.

Seize the moment with portable HR

With benefits, administration, reporting, absence management and much more, IRIS HR Professional software is ready to support your employees right now, wherever they are located in the world.

And with a whole host of extra modules, features and add-ons, it can adapt and grow with your business as your requirements change. IRIS HR Professional will be there for your teams at every stage of their careers.

Our HR Software’s Key features

Data recording 

Our software stores all your employee data in one central and secure location, including: business-critical information, employment contracts, payroll data, absences, holidays and much more.

Task automation

Simply build processes that automate daily tasks for both you and your employees, including: holiday reminders, missing data prompts, and company policy updates.


Enable employees to take ownership of their personal data and work-life admin tasks such as logging absences, updating bank account details and checking payslips.

Going Global with
IRIS HR Professional

For growing teams, or those just starting out, our module-based software IRIS HR Professional will simplify your HR. Grow your people, shrink your workload – we embrace a simple, jargon and fuss-free approach to HR.

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