De-merger of 60 employee division in 15 countries

Our client is a pharmaceutical company that has demerged from the original parent company that had approximately 37,000 employees, operating in over 60 countries. Our client has established themselves as a new stand-alone business, trading independently from the parent company with 60 employees in 15 countries.

Iris HR Consulting was tasked with managing the employee benefits transfer from an HR compliance perspective, working with brokers, providers and insurers on global basis to ensure a smooth transition and positive employee experience.

The project involved:

Following the transfer of employees, Iris HR Consulting is fully embedded in the new company’s global HR division, acting as the first point of contact to employees (existing and newly hired) in regards to their employee benefits.

Iris HR Consulting works in partnership with the internal HR leadership team, helping to develop internal policies and procedures and shaping the company’s employee benefits philosophy.

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