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Without a doubt, the way in which managers and HR interact with staff can have an immense impact on your workplace culture.

When planning for an international expansion, you need to place added focus on ensuring positive employee relationships as it forms the cornerstone of maintaining a productive and engaged workforce. 

But how can you maintain a cohesive strategy when your employees are thousands of miles away?

In this blog, we’ll delve into three key tactics and ideas you can look to implement so that each of your employees is engaged, no matter their location.

1) Place added focus on communication

Ensuring all your employees feel part of a wider business and team plays a critical role in maintaining positive relations, and one way this can be achieved is through frequent communications. 

However, while emails may be your first thought, their often inefficient and not particularly effective, especially when you consider that on average, employees receive 121 emails every day.

Instead, consider holding frequent virtual team and company meetings to provide employees with a general update on the business both in a commercial and community sense.

Additionally, by frequently updating your social channels with company news and events, you’re not only painting a positive image for prospects but also showcasing the latest goings-on to employees.

2) Perfecting their initial start

When employees first join your business, by taking a personal approach and being there in person or virtually to help them get set up, you’ll set a positive tone from the beginning.

Furthermore, by solidifying your understanding of varying legalities overseas, you can instil added confidence into new starters.

This requires you to look at the following:

3) Feedback and development

In a lot of cases, during evaluations, the focus can fall on what employees can do better, and while that’s crucial, don’t forget to mention what they’re doing right.

Creating a balance of positives and improvements helps ensure that motivation isn’t lost when tackling new goals while simultaneously reassuring staff that they’re valued.

Also, both during evaluations and day-to-day life, be sure to take an active role in offering and encouraging career development.

By setting these career goals, you can motivate workers to better themselves, which will ultimately benefit your business.

How can IRIS HR Consulting help with employee relations?

Healthy employee relations are crucial to your global expansion, and we’re here to support.

IRIS HR Consulting’s global employee relations service ensures that you have support with every aspect from hiring to retention.

Our team of specialists can help you no matter what country you’re operating in and will counter the two greatest risks – strategic and legal.

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