How do you charge?

Our goal is to offer our clients the greatest degree of flexibility in utilising our HR services. To this end, we can act for our clients on a number of levels: ad hoc HR guidance, one-off project management, or as a fully integrated outsourced function, whereby we take on the role of the internal HR department under the direction of your corporate finance/HR function, the latter of which is also available on a fixed fee per country basis.

Can you help with personnel across different continents?

Yes, our team is comprised of specialists in all areas of global HR management across the world. Our expertise includes international employment law, total rewards management, HR policy, best practices, mergers & acquisitions, expat management, and immigration. We work as an extension of our clients’ HR or finance functions with one point of contact to facilitate project management and coordination. We are also able to offer seamless and cross-disciplined services that include entity set-up, account reporting, and payroll administration.

How can we make sure we are compliant?

To ensure that our clients have the latest employment law updates and HR trends at their fingertips, the IRIS HR Consulting team is in constant contact with more than 60 in-country HR professionals, employee benefit brokers and employment lawyers around the world. This extensive network is an integral part of our operations.

What benefits should we offer our first hire in a new country?

Employee benefits are an incredibly important factor when attracting and retaining a dedicated and talented workforce. IRIS HR Consulting compensation and benefits team provides real time advice and guidance with regards to all insurance and non-insurance based initiatives available internationally, and in alignment with your growth strategy.

Can we move an employee to a different country?

IRIS HR Consulting has access to a wealth of knowledge and experience in relation to international immigration rules and procedures. Whether you have a need to send an employee to another international location on a temporary secondment or permanent transfer, there are many hurdles that need to be overcome.

Can we contact you for HR issues in different locations?

Very few HR issues are project based. Whether it is a request for clarification about local HR best practice or specific questions regarding local employment laws or collective agreements, experienced international HR consultants are equipped to provide one point of contact expertise to support regardless of location.

Is it possible to adopt a global benefits philosophy?

Yes, although there is no “one size fits all” approach, we will work with you to understand your benefits philosophy and apply this across the jurisdictions in which you are operating.

Can you help present an attractive proposition to new hires?

We can support the HR team with the provision of an employee benefits benchmarking matrix, outlining the employee benefits landscape, indicating those that are mandatory, customary and recommended. This also aides the company with positioning themselves in the market against their competitors.

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