IRIS HR Consulting, formally known as MCN Global HR, specializes in international human resource management consultancy.

Our team has worked worldwide with large corporations as well as entrepreneurial start-ups and bring a wealth of experience to our three key disciplines of core HR management, compensation and benefits, and immigration and global HR consulting for mobility. We adapt our approach to fit our clients’ individual needs, working in collaboration with them to help achieve their strategic objectives. 

To complement our in-house capabilities, we have also developed a global network of trusted partners. No matter what the issue is, we can deliver local expertise through a single point of contact.

By choosing IRIS HR Consulting, our clients avoid the expense of recruiting in-country specialists for each of their international operations, as well as the frustration of dealing with multiple service providers across different time zones

In 2019, MCN Global HR was acquired by IRIS Software Group, which is the largest privately held software company in the UK. As part of the transition, MCN Global HR became IRIS HR Consulting in May 2020.

IRIS helps over 80,000 businesses, schools and public sector organizations successfully manage their critical operational tasks. IRIS’ mission is to simplify the lives of businesses, schools and organizations, by providing software solutions and services that substantially enhance operational compliance, efficiency and accuracy.

IRIS’ operational software is the invisible but essential beating heart of its customers’ businesses, supporting them in a range of objectives, from maintaining legislative compliance, to boosting engagement with stakeholders, to enhancing productivity.

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