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IRIS HR Consulting combines professional international expertise and over three decades of experience to provide industry-leading HR consultancy and support services to multinational businesses going global. If your organization is exploring its options and preparing to expand abroad, international human resource management is a key consideration.

Without the support of an HR specialist, establishing a global HR function requires business-critical levels of time, money and risk. Our HR consultancy and support services cut these costs dramatically by providing expert consultancy and support in one place – wherever your business is heading.

Employee Relations
Compensation and Benefits
Global Mobility
Mergers & Acquisitions
Employee Relations

Employee Relations

Healthy employee relations are the cornerstone of international expansion. However diligently you plan your global expansion, failing to maintain positive working relationships by not complying with local employment law or misunderstanding local customs and practice can jeopardize your business' entry into new locations. IRIS HR Consulting’s employee relations service is designed to ensure this doesn’t happen. Our global employee relations specialists can support to counter the two greatest risks to your business when expanding overseas: the strategic and the legal.

Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and Benefits

The compensation and benefit schemes you provide are crucial in ensuring you not only meet local employment legislation requirements, but that you are a desirable employer able to attract and retain talent. This is relatively simple when doing business in your home country, but is much more challenging overseas when foreign law and cultural differences come into play. IRIS HR Consulting has experts in every continent who will help you to benchmark your business against others locally and ensure you are legislatively compliant wherever your global expansion takes you.

Global Mobility

Global Mobility

We are experts in crafting international expansion strategies for US businesses and can provide your organization with all the advice and support it needs when expanding globally. Our team has all the cultural knowledge and expertise needed to ensure a successful expansion. We can assist with international relocation, repatriation services, immigration services, and your international expansion strategy.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Times of change in an organization can be unsettling but IRIS HR Consulting can guide your business throughout making the whole transaction seamless. We can advise and carry out HR processes continuously from the very start. There are many aspects we can provide support with including pre-transaction international HR due diligence, staff transfer, reduction in force and post-transaction integration.

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Meet some of our experts

Our team of HR consultants will support your business across the globe providing the skills and expertise needed to expand your business and manage staff internationally. One point of contact allows for seamless management across the world.

Chris Davies
Nicky Walsh
Ying Zhao
Sarah Le Cornu
Emma Bryant
Louise Jarrett
Nickie Torbet
Chris Welsh
Sue Sigrist
Raj Inda

Nickie Torbet is by far one of the best benefits consultants I worked with.
We have the most amazing client support through Sue Sigrist. Sue is the most knowledgeable and efficient Benefits Adviser I have ever had the opportunity to work with and we are very lucky to be able to partner with her.
Nickie Torbet is amazing! She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure our employees are taken care of, plans are in place, and all of the moving parts are aligned.
I feel that everyone I interact with is amazing, very professional, always willing to do what is ever needed.
Louise is very helpful. We have no experience of Benefits plans in the US so it’s really good to have someone helping us navigate what is quite a slow and painful process of getting benefits in place for our new US Office in NYC.


How do you charge?

Our goal is to offer our clients the greatest degree of flexibility in utilising our HR services. To this end, we can act for our clients on a number of levels: ad hoc HR guidance, one-off project management, or as a fully integrated outsourced function, whereby we take on the role of the internal HR department under the direction of your corporate finance/HR function, the latter of which is also available on a fixed fee per country basis.

How can we make sure we are compliant?

To ensure that our clients have the latest employment law updates and HR trends at their fingertips, the IRIS HR Consulting team is in constant contact with more than 60 in-country HR professionals, employee benefit brokers and employment lawyers around the world. This extensive network is an integral part of our operations.

Can you help with personnel across different continents?

Yes, our team is comprised of specialists in all areas of HR management across the world. Our expertise includes international employment law, total rewards management, HR policy, best practices, mergers & acquisitions, expat management and immigration. We work as an extension of our clients’ HR or finance functions with one point of contact to facilitate project management and coordination. We are also able to offer seamless and cross-disciplined services that include entity set-up, account reporting, and payroll administration.

What benefits should we offer our first hire in a new country?

Employee benefits are an incredibly important factor when attracting and retaining a dedicated and talented workforce. IRIS HR Consulting compensation and benefits team provides real time advice and guidance with regards to all insurance and non-insurance based initiatives available internationally, and in alignment with your growth strategy.

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